Multiple Choice Tests In Minutes

For Study

Flash Fire Apps are a study tool for emergency services personnel.  Now you can use your mobile device to refresh your knowledge or get ready for an examination.

Each Flash Fire app contains a test bank referenced to a specific fire service textbook.  Depending on the reference text, the app contain hundreds or even thousands of questions.  Flash Fire allows you to take a comprehensive exam, study questions from a specific chapter of the book, or even build your own exam based on the chapters you wish to study.  Our app allows you to bookmark questions you would like to review, and will save all questions you answered incorrectly on any test so you can go back and look at them again. Each question is page-referenced to the textbook so you can find the relevant material in the book.


You can download a free “Lite” version of Essentials or ICS100 to put us to the “test”.  Get it?


Flash Fire Apps are found in the Code 3 Apps store:


For Apple devices, click here.


For Android, click here.