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Examview now available now for download!  Buying Examview used to be a pain.  Now you can buy and download the basic ($99) or advanced ($129, plus subscripton) from the eInstruction website.  What hasn’t changed is that you’re going to need a few good test banks to go with it, and you can get those from us.   Posted 8/31/17

Available Now!  IFSTA Essentials 6th Edition Question File!   

2014- the world is changing, and so must we:   

Available now!  IFSTA  Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook, 3rd Edition Question File.  1175 questions.  Available now in FITS Quiz Generator and ExamView formats.  Price is $184.  Upgrade pricing does not apply to this file.  Posted 12/31/15

Available now!  IFSTA  Company Officer 5th Edition Question File.  800 questions.  Available now in FITS Quiz Generator, ExamView and FlashFire formats.  Posted 7/1/15

Available Now!  IFSTA Haz Mat for 1st Responders 5th Edition Question File!   1160 questions, each page-referenced to the textbook.  $169 plus shipping.  As per our ugrade policy, licensees of our Haz Mat 4th Ed Question File can upgrade for a measly $84.50 (half off!).  Posted 01/08/18